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In an Effort to Start...

I’ve been letting the idea of writing simmer on the back-burner for some time now. While you may know my work as an automotive photographer, writing about any and all of the ideas that I have floating around in this heap of flesh inside my skull is something I’d like to at least attempt doing somewhat consistently. This doesn’t just mean writing about cars and cameras and whatnot, but life and the bottomless pit of topics within.

I know that might sound scary or off-putting to any of you expecting to read about my most recent photo shoot with a Ferrari or what camera settings I use. Don’t get me wrong; those are topics I would still like to discuss given they are part of my current career. However, I as a human being naturally hold a curiosity for the universe we reside in. There are ideas I wish to explore beyond that of supercars and cameras, such as our lifestyles, our culture, social pressures, the future of life, and the human element that ties it all together. I don’t want to restrict my writings to just: “here’s how this photo shoot went” and “what I think about this car versus that car.” There are pages upon pages of YouTubers, social influencers, and automotive journalists out there you can refer to for those topics specifically; I would also bet you that they’ll have way more experience in telling those stories than I do.

This is me, though. These will be my thoughts. These will be my perspectives. Whether or not these writings will serve of any value to you, I don’t know. I should hope that I can be helpful to at least one soul reading what I have to say, but I think the main purpose of this venture is to simply see if it’s something I’d like to continue doing as I do it.

So, I imagine that if you made it to this fourth paragraph, you have some semblance of interest in what I want to talk about for this blog that isn’t just cars and cameras. Again, I’ll chime in on those topics, and maybe that’s all you’ll be interested in reading. Not a problem. But if an article pops up on my site that might pique your interest, you’re more than welcome to have a read!

Let me first be clear in saying that I don’t know how consistent this venture into writing will be. I may write an article once a week or once a month, maybe even once a year (although I’d hope it’ll be more frequent than that). The point of even writing this current article is to at least scratch the itch and see if I feel the urge to persist. So far, as I sit here and type away on my laptop, I’m feeling a type of focus I haven’t felt in a while; I’m in a zone where I feel like I can’t lose my concentration even if I tried. I know that sounds strange and loopy, and I’m sure at least one person is like “Ight Imma head out.”

However, you can’t tell me you haven’t experienced that feeling at least once in your life--probably way more times than that if you’ve ever pulled on a thread that interested you. It’s a bit intoxicating, honestly. A lot of my past two years has been one giant repeat cycle of work/photography/gaming/sleep, with a sprinkle of social life here and there. While I’m grateful that my life is in a great spot right now (probably the best it’s been after a rough few years prior), that doesn’t mean I don’t get sick of the rinse-and-repeats of an adult work life. I’ve had more than enough moments recently where I’ve wanted to break the cycle in what small ways I can to help re-introduce some passion into my life. I hadn’t been able to find the energy or inspiration to take action up until now. And hell, this may very well fizzle away, and this may be the only article you read from me for a while, if not forever. But I guess sometimes you just have to start doing something new and different with no other intent than to just break routine for the sake of your goddamned mental health.

… this article took a turn, hasn’t it? What many of you probably thought was going to be my first “hey this is how I shot this Lamborghini” turned into this. In fact, if you’re still here reading, good for you. I think that also means you have a curiosity that expands beyond just cars and cameras, and that’s a good thing.

I love what I get to do for a living right now, but I’d like to believe there’s much more to life than just putting cars in front of cameras. Plus, I think it’s beneficial to get away from your career every so often in order to find inspiration and jump back into it. I’m not saying take a sabbatical or anything drastic, but some avenue of taking a break from the things you spend hours doing day in and day out feels necessary in order to continue it. New perspectives have always helped me sharpen a dull point and reignite my enthusiasm for the things I like doing. I’m hoping this venture into writing will help me break that cycle at least once in a while and find new inspirations for my career while hopefully being of some help to those of you reading.

Now, uh… what to write about next…. Oh yeah, so how did I get into automotive photography?

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